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Diaphragm metering pump MEMDOS MR


Diaphragm metering pumps of the MEMDOS MR series have been developed for a broad range of applications in metering technology. Thus they are used in the industrial sector, in process engineering and very frequently in water and waste water treatment. Diaphragm metering pumps are leakproof.

Standard versions are metering pumps with the head located on the left-hand side. 

Upon request, metering pumps with the head on the right-hand side can be supplied. 

Duplex metering pumps are available with the head combinations shown in the following tables. The heads are arranged in diagonals. 

The power of the motor is the same for simplex and duplex metering pumps because the diaphragms operate in a push-pull arrangement.

Metering Head

The heads are available in polypropylene and stainless steel. Special materials upon request.

Suction and discharge valves are double-ball valves up to the MR 290 version; for the bigger pumps, spring- loaded flat-seat valves are used. For viscous media of

400 mPas and more, spring-loaded single-ball valves are recommended for the suction and the discharge side. The opening pressure of the valve is about 0.1 bar.

Separating chamber

The diaphragm flanges have been designed so that, in the case of a diaphragm rupture due to wear, no chemical can escape randomly from the pump or enter the gear. The leakage is routed downwards through a drain pipe. The diaphragm flanges thus function as a separating chamber and are protected against aggressive media by means of powdery epoxy coating. The escaping leakage can be detected by a leakage probe causing the pump to be stopped .

The stroke length which determines the metering capacity can be adjusted manually during operation between 0 and 100 %.

The standard version is equipped with manual adjustment. Upon request, an automatic remote adjustment (ATE) can be supplied.


The drive unit consists of an oil-filled worm gear. The stroke is generated by an eccentric which moves back and forth a spring-loaded plunger fixed to the diaphragm. The metering stroke is achieved by the pushing force of the eccentric, the resetting of the spring causes the suction stroke. The stroke length is set by limiting the plunger return by means of a manually adjustable eccentric disk used as a stop.

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