Laboratory Sensors - pH / Redox/ Conductivity/ Dissolved oxygen & ISE

We TOSHCON-TOSHNIWAL have designed user-friendly sensors for measuring all parameters like pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), and Ion Concentration. pH The pH is a measurement for the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. In pure water the hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxyl ion (OH-) concentrations are equal at 10-7 M (25°C). To provide a convenient and effective means of defining acidity and alkalinity, the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion activity is used. The pH is calculated from the potential between a glass and a reference electrode (Nernst equation). REDOX POTENTIAL The potential developed by a metallic electrode when placed in a solution containing a species in two different oxidation states. It is usually measured by a combination platinum electrode. CONDUCTIVITY The conductivity is a measure of the solution’s ability to conduct electric current. The basic unit is Siemens/cm (S/cm). It is measured by an electrode consisting of two platinum plates to which an alternating potential is applied. The corresponding current is proportional to the conductivity of the ionic solution in which the electrode is dipped. TDS Total Dissolved Salts of a solution gives an indication of the total ion concentration. Due to ionic interactions within a solution, the salt concentration cannot easily be related to conductivity. As the dissolved solids are generally unknown, a TDS measurement is always referred to a solution of pure Sodium Chloride. ION-SELECTIVE ELECTRODE Ion-selective electrodes analytical tools for fast and accurate ion activity determination in a wide range of lab applications. The effective determination of ionic concentrations is paramount in industries such as biomedical, environmental monitoring or food processing. Together with a suitable ion meter, Toshcon-Toshniwal offers complete solutions to cover all ion measurement needs such as fluoride, chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, nitrate, and more.

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