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Chlorine metering units of group TJ- C17 operate in conformance as full vacuum equipment and are employed mainly in water works for municipal and industrial water supply and waste water treatment. The units consist of functional elements of modular design and are characterized by high operational safety. Measuring ranges are available between 0.25 to 30 kg/h. The indicating range is 1:20 with an error limit of +/ - 4 per cent offull scale deflection. The length of the flow meter Sight glass is 300 mm.

The chlorine metering units     are available in a wall mounting version, type TJ-C17 WL, and a cabinet version, TJ-C17 SL. The cabinet version is equipped with a steel frame which is coated with epoxy resin; a removable plastic cover is placed over the frame. 

The front panel consists of black polypropene. The front panel includes a gas pressure gauge and propellant water pressure gauge as well as a vacuum gauge for indicating the vacuum in the line to the injector.


Technical data

Design type                                      Full vacuum chlorine gas metering unit

Measuring ranges                               Up to 30 kg/h Cl2 gas

Control range                                    20: 1

Instruments                                      TJ-C17 WL

Vacuum gauge for suction pressure Pressure gauge for chlorine gas Flow meter sight glass, 300 mm

Vacuum gauge for suction pressure Pressure gauge for chlorine gas Pressure gauge for propellant water Flow meter sight glass, 300 mm

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