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  • Model               :           TDIS
  • By using a program-key, the data-logging will start automatically after opening the program.
  • Data is always stored in table.
  • All data is saved in a user defined setting.
  • Graphs are generated using automatic or user defined setting.
  • Different RS232 or USB ports can be used to connect several instruments. 
  • English, Dutch or French language can be selected.
  • Document printout shows : Date & Time, Operator Name, Company, Description of Instrument,Serial No. etc.
  • All functions are accessible through the menu.
  • Software runs under Windows 2000 or higher.
  • Data is collected online with programmable interval or determined by the program (1s .... 24h).
  • Bidirectional
  • All measurements of multi-channel instruments are processed at the same time, each in its own Window.
  • TDIS-R : TDIS + RS232 cable
  • TDIS-U : TDIS + USB cable


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