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Silicone Standard Oils



Certified to the International Standard BS EN ISO / IEC 17025, our Silicone viscosity standards are specifically engineered for use with rotational viscometers and are available to check the viscosity results and make viscometer calibrations.
Supplied in 600 ml 'ready to use' packs specifically designed to eliminate the requirement to transfer the sample to a test beaker. 

The viscosity values are referred at 2 different temperatures (20 and 25ºC) and all standard oils are supplied with their corresponding calibration certificate. 

The below listed silicone standards are specially manufactured to use with rotational viscometers only 

Code                     Viscosity Standard                                 Aproximate viscocity 
                                                                                          In mPa.s at 250C
V12Z10                       RT5                                                     4.972
V12Z14                       RT10                                                   9.972
V12Z18                       RT50                                                   50.33
V12Z20                       RT75                                                   76.33
V12Z22                       RT100                                                 101.66
V12Z23                       RT250                                                 244.1
V12Z24                       RT350                                                 344.1
V12Z26                       RT500                                                 501.9
V12Z30                       RT1000                                               1,019
V12Z34                       RT5000                                               5,094
V12Z36                       RT10000                                             10,061
V12Z38                       RT12500                                             12,309
V12Z42                       RT30000                                             30,240
V12Z46                       RT60000                                             60,586
V12Z50                       RT100000                                           99,565 

  Available from stock for immediate dispatch
• Lowest levels of uncertainty of measurement.
• Ensures full compliance to international test method protocol.
• Full traceability to National Standards.
• Tamper evident security packaging. 

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