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Materials which do not flow easily, cannot be measured using standard methods and standard spindles, since the spindle forms a hole or zone around it by cavitation.
When comparative measurements of the consistency or apparent viscosity of this type of products are required, it is advisable to use the HELDAL unit and needle spindles.
The measuring head of the viscometer moves up and down smoothly and automatically thanks to HELDAL, staying between pre-established limits and allowing the needle spindle to cut into the fresh material tracing a helicoidal path through the test sample. 

• Easy to use, build up and clean.
• Supplied with motor, 6 T-shaped spindles and carrying case.
• Compatible with all FUNGILAB rotational viscometers. 

• Creams
• Gels
• Pastes
• Gelatin
• Other substances that do not flow by themselves. 

Viscometer Model                                                                          Viscosity range
L                                                                                              234 - 3,120,000 Cp
R                                                                                             2,490 - 33,300,000 cP
H                                                                                             195 - 2,600,000 Poise


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