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Zyos Series

Set Up

Viscosity readings:
Absolute viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
Apparent viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
Kinematic viscosity (cSt, mm2/sec)
Density introduced by the user

Program Features

Time to torque: target torque pre-setting device.
Time to stop: target time pre-setting device.
Programmable: Step - Multistep - Ramp

Unit Converter

Get your measurements in the suitable unit for you: cP - mPa·s - cSt


Download data to your USB.
Newest technology to measure the viscosity and
record the data without needing to use a computer. 


Speed selection RPM
Spindle selection SP
Viscosity reading in cP (mPas·sec) or cSt
Percentage of full scale range for each selection %
Temperature selection Celsius / Farenheit
Share Rate with coaxial spindles SR (s-1)
Share Stress with coaxial spindles SS (N/m2)
Density introduced by user g/cm3


Customize your unit at your convenience for faster measurements.
Working memories.
Speed range, time and date.


Schedule your alerts and measurements for faster access to your results.


Get your information about Fungilab products and learn how to maximize your viscosity measurements. 

ViscoPad Softwares

Access to your viscosity programs and customize your experiments with our softwares:

Datalogger: download data in an Excel® file.

FDB: with Zyos Series. Provides complete viscometer control, stablishes viscosity programs or documents the procedure and the results in real time. These are some of the options offered by this software.

Test Profiles

Easy access to your profiles and data.
Get your data and include more information about your viscosity reports.
Access anytime to your saved experiments and work on your experiments in the screen of the viscometer without needing to use a comput


Search and look up your recorded experiments and measurements.


Download more apps for your viscometer.
Consult our website: 

Technical file

> Precision: ± 1% of full scale
> Resolution:
With low viscosity adapter: 0.01
For lower than 10.000 viscosity cP: 0.1
For viscosity equal to or above 10.000 cP: 1
> Repeatability: 0.2%
> Thermometer features:
Temperature margins:
0 ºC to +100 ºC
32 ºF to 212.0 ºF
For extended temperature margins, contact with Fungilab.
> Resolution: 0.1ºC / 0.1722 ºF
> Precision: +/- 0.1 ºC
> Type of probe: PT100
> Supplied at 100-240 VAC
> PPR System: Fungilab Push Plug and Release spindle
coupling system available under request.
viscoPad Nova series


viscoPad Zyos series 

Code                        Model                       Measuring range (cP)               Speed (r.p.m.)          Number of speeds

VP200001               ZYOS L                    20 - 6.000.000                         0.01 - 250                                2.600

VP200002               ZYOS R                   100 - 40.000.000                     0.01 - 250                                2.600

VP200003               ZYOS H                   200 - 106.000.000                   0.01 - 250                                2.600

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