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for industrial probes


• Suitable for 7685 Series and 565 Series


• IP 65 water-tight protection


• Water-tight output connector


• For immersion and in-line probes


• Easy installation and maintenance



Dissolved Oxygen microtransmitter 

This miniature preamplifier is realised in a water-tight enclosure with a

waterproof connector for a shielded 7-wire cable for the transmission of

dissolved oxygen and temperature signals. 

Input comes from polarographic cells and from Pt100 devices.

It is used together with the OD 7685 or OD 565.2 models in cases where

there are long distances between the oxygen cell and the controller. 

The transmitter can be adjusted as far as the zero point, the sensitivity and

the cell polarization is concerned. 

The connection between the microtransmitter and the panel regulator is

made using a 7-pin waterproof connector (cod. 2231520). 


Input: Polarographic cell and Pt100

Range: 0/20 ppm 


See accessories for 080315.

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