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for industrial probes

• Suitable for 7685 Series and 565 Series

• IP 65 water-tight protection

• Water-tight output connector

• For immersion and in-line probes

• Easy installation and maintenance


E. Conductivity microtransmitter


This miniature preamplifier is realised in a water-tight enclosure with a

waterproof connector for a shielded 7-wire cable for the transmission of

Conductivity and Temperature signals. 

Normally, as an input, a four-electrode cell with a temperature

compensation element is connected, while as an output, the models

C 7685 or C 565.2 are connected and automatically assume measuring

scales in mS. 

The connection between the microtransmitter and the controller is made

using a 7-pin waterproof connector (cod. 2231520). 


Input                            : for 4 electrodes cell and Pt 100

Conductivity range      : 0/20 S

Adjustment                  : zero and sensitivity


See accessories for 080315.


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