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for industrial probes


• Suitable for 7685 Series and 565 Series


• IP 65 water-tight protection


• Water-tight output connector


• For immersion and in-line probes


• Easy installation and maintenance


pH and O.R.P. microtransmitter


The microtransmitter is a differential preamplifier enclosed in a water-tight housing and makes the characteristics of the measuring electrodes signal compatible to those of a normal connection cable.

 With this technically advanced solution it is possible to make connections at considerably long distances between the measuring probe and the control panel without the use of a shielded cable maintaining a high signal response speed and the complete absence of interferences, therefore greater precision.

 The connection between the microtransmitter and the panel regulator is made using a 4-pin waterproof connector type SZ 9490 and a normal 4-wire cable.

 The accessory type SZ 9491 consisting of SZ 9490 + 10 m marked cable is available.

 The microtransmitter is protected against eventual connection inversions.
It is mounted in the usual way on ST type probes, to be installed with PH 7685 - PH 7685.010 - PH 565.2 - MV 545.2 models.

 For unfixed mounting, the SZ 911 accessory must be used.

Recommended cable: 4 x 0.5 mm or 4 x 0.75 mm non shielded.


SZ 9490                       IP 67 connector for cable

SZ 9491                       10 mt cable and SZ 9490 connector

SZ 911                         Stopper

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