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C 3630

E.Conductivity Transmitter

• Two wire 4/20 mA operation

• Isolated current loop output

• LCD Display

• 3 selectable scales

• 2 or 4 electrodes E.C. cell inputs

• Automatic or manual temperature compensation

• Temperature display

• Frequency selectable

• Decimal point selectable

• 10/30 Vdc power supply

• Direct connection to PC’s

• Din Rail mounting

• Detachable terminal block


General informations


The conductivity transmitter incorporates a large LCD display which is easily readable even from considerable distances. 

The transmitter will display temperature values of manual or automatic temperature compensation devices. 

The automatic temperature compensation is achieved with use of a 100 ohm platinum RTD, with temperature coefficient display. 

The transmitter is powered by an external power supply from 10 to 30 Vdc.

The same two wires which provide power to the transmitter also carry the 4/20 mA output conductivity signal. 

Zero and sensitivity (span) calibration adjustments are located on the front panel and are easily accessible. 

The 4/20 mA output is isolated for input into recorders or other devices requiring a 4/20 mA input signal. 

The input/output isolation also allows input into Personal Computers accepting 4/20 mA inputs. 

A common power supply may be used to power other transmitters without interference from other measurement devices or sensors. 

All plastic construction provides maximum resistance to corrosion. 

Detachable terminal block connectors and Din Rail mounting provide for easy field installation. 


Display                                   : LCD

Inputs                                     : 2-electrodes E.C. cell 4-electrodes E.C. cell

RTD Pt 100 2 or 3 wire

Output                                    : 4/20 mA isolated

Scales                                    : 0/199.9 μS 0/1,999 μS 0/19.99 mS -10.0/120.0 °C

Temperature Compensation: manual or automatic

Temperature Compensation Coefficient: 0/4.0 %/°C adjustable

Temperature Compensation Reference: 20 °C

Zero                                        : adjustable ±15%

Sensitivity                              : adjustable from 86% to 112% narrow range

adjustable 0/160% wide range

Operating Temperature       : 0/50 °C

Operating Humidity             : 0/95% R.H. non-condensing

Power supply                        : 10/30 Vdc

Isolation                                 : 500 V input to output

Terminal block                      : detachable

Net Weight                            : 200 g

Dimensions                          : 105 x 95 x 58 mm (6 modules)

Mounting                               : DIN Rail (35 x 7.5 mm Rail)


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