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96x96 DIN 43700 

• High quality

• 3 1/2 digit LED display

• Automatic temperature compensation

• 0/20mA 4/20mA adjustable output

• 2 min/max control relays

• Extractable terminal blocks

• Isolated output as option

General informations 

This series of controllers has been designed to carry out the measurement and the regulation of: 

• pH

• O.R.P

• E. Conductivity

• Free Chlorine

• Temperature

 in industrial processes, with continuous readings on digital indicators. 

These instruments give both a valid, low cost measurement and regulation system for small industrial and ecological plants, and they can be used as 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA visualized transmitters for field applications. 

Connections are made by means of two extractable terminal blocks on the rear side of the instrument, which allow easy cables connection and easy maintenance of the instrument. 

The panel mounting instrument's enclosure is designed according to the DIN 43700 standards and it consists of a plastic case with metallic front panel coated with a polycarbonate membrane, to ensure the maximum anticorrosion characteristics. 

A transparent splashproof front door can be added to the housing, in order to protect the unit from excessive moisture or corrosive fumes. 

The package is supplied complete with fixing clamps for panel mounting. 

Functional specifications 


The controller provides a digital readout on a 3 1/2 digit display that allows reading even at long distances. 


The zero and the sensitivity adjustment is done by means of trimmers mounted on the front panel. 

Control relays

The controller features two on-off regulators. 

Set-points are independent and their value is displayed by pushing a button on the front panel. 

Relays activation is displayed on the front panel by their corresponding LEDs. 

Analog output  

Instruments provide a 0/20 mA analog output (4/20 mA, volt on request).

The 0/20 mA output may be adjusted to 4/20 mA by the operator. 


Functional features may be extended by following options:

091.203: 0/5 s delay and selectable min/max relays function

091.311: 4/20 mA output

091.362: isolated analog output

091.403: 24 Vac power supply 

Common Specifications 

Zero                            : adjustment: ±15%

Slope adjustment     : ±20%

Output                        : 0/20 mA dc 300 ohm max.

Regulator hysteresis: ±0,25%

Switching Time        : < 0.5 s

Relay contacts          : SPDT 5 A 220 V resistive load

Temperature             : 0/50 °C

Humidity                    : 95% without condensate

Voltage                      : 110/220 V ±10% 50/60 Hz

Power                         : 3 VA max.

Terminal blocks        : extractable

Weight                       : 500 g

Size: 96 x 96 x 150 mm (1/4 DIN)

CL 7615

Potentiostatic Chlorine controller

This unit, together with the flow cell and the potentiostatic electrode, is the best and most advanced system for chlorine measurement.

Because of the potentiostatic measuring method, it is not necessary to recalibrate the zero, the measuring is very accurate and direct chlorine readout appears on the display.

Also this accurate method prevents the fluctuation of the chlorine levels as on the amperometric and ORP methods.

This potentiostatic system represents the state of the art in the drinking water, swimming pool industry and others.


Input: from potentiostatic electrode SZ 283

Scale: 0/5.00 PPM (others as requested)

Hysteresis: ±0.03 PPM


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