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Series 7635

microprocessor based



• Selectable measuring scales

• Input from Pt100 or Pt 1000 temperature sensors

• Temperature display in either °C or °F

• Automatic/manual temperature compensation

• Selectable and galvanic isolated 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA output

• Configurable logic input for hold or alarm function

• Dual set point min/max and delay selectable

• Min/max alarm and delay relay

• Set point, alarm and relay parameters visualization

• Universal power supply 85/264 Vac – 50/60 Hz

• Power supply option 9/26 Vdc – 24 Vac

• Overload protection

• Extractable terminal blocks


Series 7335

microprocessor based 


(common to all instruments)


LED, 7 segments and 4 digits 


from selectable measuring sensor,

from RTD Pt100 or Pt1000 (3 wires)

Measuring scale:

selectable according to the model 

Temperature scale:

0/100.0 °C or 32/212.0 °F 

Temperature compensation:

manual or automatic 0/100 °C (where applicable) 

Set-point 1 and 2:

ON/OFF function,

min/max function,

delay 0/99.9 s (0/999.9 s for C7635),

relay contacts SPST, 220 V 5 A resistive load 


min/max, configurable on all main scale,

active/non-active function,

delay 0/99.9 s,

relay contacts SPDT, 220 V 5 A resistive load 

Analog output:

selectable 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA,

response time 2.5 s at 98%,

isolated 250 V,

max load 600 ohm 

Operating temperature: 0/50 °C 

Humidity: max 95% without condensation 

Power supply: 85/264 Vac - 50/60 Hz 

Power consumption: 5 VA max, with overload protection 

Terminal blocks: extractable 

Dimensions 7635: 96x96x95 mm

Dimensions 7335: 96x96x95 mm 

Weight: approx. 500 g

Mounting: panel

Marking: CE 

Option 091.425: 9/36 Vdc – 24 Vac power supply for 7635

Option 091.426: 9/36 Vdc – 24 Vac power supply for 7335 

The installed software includes: 

- an easy access to all main functions

- primary security protection with a password chosen by the user to control

access to adjustment of operating parameters

- secondary security protection with a password chosen by the user to

control access to the configuration menu for selection of instrument


- short messages on the display 

PH 7635 - PH 7335

pH / ORP controller

This controller can be configured to measure pH or ORP

Input: from pH or ORP sensor, and from RTD Pt100 or Pt1000

pH range: 0/14.00 pH resolution 0.01 pH.

ORP range: -1000/+1000, 0/-1000 mV, 0/+1000 mV resolution 1 mV.


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