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OD 8112
Autoclean D.Oxygen monitor


In this control box are installed the OD 7685.010 monitor and the cleaner consisting of compressor, reservoir and solenoid.

 Air pressure: 3 bar

Dimensions: 376 x 306 x 207 mm

Protection: IP 65

Power: 220 Vac 50/60 Hz 150 VA 

OD 7685.010 specifications are described on the page related to the instrument. 


OD 8182
Autoclean D.Oxygen probe


The probe is equipped with a galvanic membraned sensor and a RTD temperature element. 

A titanium nozzle injects the pressure air for the membrane cleaning. 

The package includes the connecting cable and: 

0012.020007 DO sensor
0012.040003 Assembled Lead electrode
0012.050001 Kit of 10 membranes 5 mils
0012.090007 Electrolyte bottle 120 cc. (4 OZ)
0012.050014 Screw and OR Kit
0012.440040 33 m PVC tubing 


Submersible type with top holder and screw-in sensor
Response time                     90% in 180 s with 5 mil membrane
Temp. sensor                        Pt100 integral to sensor
Temp. limits                           -5 to +55 °C
Connections                             5 wires cable, 15 m (150 m max)
                                               15 m flexible tubing 1/4"-3/8"
Materials                                Noryl and stainless steel 

Choose one of the following accessory for the installation

Adapter for extension pipe 

Swivel mounting including 0012.450043 adapter


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