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OD 8382
Optical d. oxygen sensor - autoclean


This unique submersible probe has been designed to measure dissolved oxygen based on fluorescent technology. 

The measuring system consists of: 

- optical device complete with a layer of fluorescent material,
- electronic circuit with an exciting beam for the fluorescence detection,
- built-in amplifier,
- Pt1000 for temperature compensation
- digital input for calibration and configuration
- nozzle for the autoclean by external pressure air 

The probe is powered by the B&C controller OD 7685.110, which provides the measuring readout, 2 set-points, 2 analog outputs and the relay to activate the cleaning cycle.

The most common applications of this probe include: water quality monitoring, municipal and industrial water treatment and aquaculture. 

Principle of operation 

A light beam of a specific wavelength is sent to a special fluorescent layer in contact with the sample. 
The absorbed light energy is partially released as a light pulse with an higher wavelength. 
This phenomena is called fluorescence. 

If oxygen molecules are in contact with the sensing layer, the fluorescing is reduced (quenching). 

By measuring the amount of quenching it is possible to determine the oxygen concentration.

The advantages of this measuring method are the absence of electrolyte and membrane, the possibility to measure the oxygen concentration in water or in air, and a good sensitivity in a low oxygen concentration. 


0012.450043             Adapter for extension pipe
0012.000624             Swivel mounting. The supply includes 0012.450043
0012.440040             33 mt PVC tubing 


Sensing element                 :                       replaceable
Scale                                      :                       0.0/200.0 % air
Resolution                            :                       0.1 % air
Drift                                         :                       < 1% year
Response time                     :                       < 30s
Temperature compensation:                      internal table
Temperature sensor            :                       RTD Pt1000
Compensation range          :                       0.0/50.0 °C
Power supply                        :                       from OD 7685.110
Operating temperature        :                       -5/+50 °C
Pressure                                :                       1 bar max
Autoclean                              :                       built in nozzle
Air pressure                          :                       3 bar max
Material                                  :                       PVC, silicon
Diameter                                :                       60 mm
Length                                   :                       165 mm total
Thread                                   :                       2”NPT
Cable                                     :                       8x0,25 L=10m
Sensor life                             :                       >1 year, not exposed to sun light
Protection                              :                       IP68
EMC/RFI conformity                :                       EN 61326
Marking                                  :                       CE

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