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TU 8182
Submersible autoclean Turbidity
and suspended solids probe




The Turbidity probe TU 8182 has been designed for submersible applications. It is provided with a built-in device for cleaning the optical lens by means of pressure air blasts. 

The probe is operated by the TU 7685 controller. 

The controller provides the power to the amplifier of the probe and it activates the auto clean relay as programmed by the user. 

The cleaning action can be effected by means of a water tight electric module completed with the air compressor. 

The controller TU 7685 can be installed on the front panel of the auto clean module. 

The Turbidity probe contains 

- an infrared light source
- a light detector
- a signal detector of the lens fouling
- a built-in amplifier as interface to the Turbidity monitor. 

The measuring method is Nephelometric with the detection of the scattered light at 90° by suspended particles, proportional to the Turbidity value.


The installation of the probe needs few accessories to be selected among the following:

0012.450043 Extension pipe adapter
0012.000624 Swivel mounting
0012.440040 33 m PVC tubing for pressure air 


Measuring method              : Nephelometric (ISO 7027 - EN 27027)
Range                                                : 0/4,000 NTU - 0/9,999 mg/l
Resolution                            : 0.001 on scale 0/4.000 NTU
0.01 on scale 0/40.00 NTU
0.1 on scale 0/400.0 NTU
1 on scale 0/4,000 NTU
Accuracy                               : ± 5% of reading on scale 0/400 NTU
± 10% of reading on scale 400/4,000 NTU
Response time                     : 10 seconds
Light                                       : LED IR 890 nm
Internal sensor                     : for dry cell and dirty lens checking
Preamplifier                          : built-in
Power                                     : ±12 Vdc
Operating Temperature       : 0/50 °C
Temperature of the sample: 0/50 °C
Pressure of the sample       : 6 Bar max. at 20 °C
Body                                       : PVC
Optical lens                           : Acrylic
Cable length                         : 10 m
Protection                              : IP68
Auto clean                             : Built-in device
Air line connector                : 1/4" I/E 3/8"
Air Pressure                          : 3 bar


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