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TU 8355
High turbidity and suspended solids probe.
4/20 mA and RS 485 output

This unique submersible probe has been designed to measure the high turbidity and suspended solids based on back scattering technology.

The measuring system consists of:

- Infrared light source,
- Detector of scattered light by suspended particles,
- Detector of the clean lens status,
- 2-wire 4/20 mA analog output,
- RS 485 digital output, nozzle for the autoclean by external pressured air.



Scale: 0/100 – 0/1000 – 0/10000 FTU

Sensitivity FTU: 70/130 %

Zero FTU: ± 10 FTU all scales

Power supply: 9/36 Vdc

Analog output: 4/20 mA isolated current Loop

Load: 600 Ω max. at 24 Vdc

Digital output: RS 485

Room temperature: -5/50 °C

Max. pressure: 1 Bar at 25 °C

Autoclean: by pressure air 3 bar max

Dimensions: L=165 mm total, D= 60 mm

Body: PVC

Cable: 10 m (100 m max.)

Protection: IP 68


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