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SZ 7231 – SZ 7233

Flow cells


This series of cells is made for the measurement of Residual Chlorine with a potentiostatic method. 

The cell’s manufacturing characteristics allow the sample to run through the potentiostatic electrode site with a constant velocity. 

The in-flow can be regulated through a check valve. 

The SZ 7231 cell is for the potentiostatic electrode and the Temperature sensor, while the SZ 7233 cell is also for additional pH and O.R.P. electrodes. 

The package includes a 1/4" fitting, 2 meters of 4x6 plastic tubing for the sample drawing and 2 screws for wall fastening. 


Material                      : clear acrylic resin

Inlet                            : 1/4" fitting

Outlet                         : fitting for 10x14 mm tubing

Connection tubing  : 2 m 4x6 tubing

Flow                           : about 10/30 litre/hour approx

Temperature             : 0/50°C

SZ 7233 dimensions: 150 x 120 x 40 mm

SZ 7231 dimensions           : 150 x 90 x 40 mm

Sensors site                          : diameter 12 mm for pH/ORP/Cl

                                             diameter 5 mm for temperature

Suggested sensors             : pH = SZ 165

                                         ORP = SZ 275

                                           Cl = SZ 283

                                         °C = SP 514


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