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Universal 1phase Thyristor unit

CD3000M is a digital and universal Thyristor unit, configurable via serial communication port.

RS485 comm Modbus protocol is included as standard.

Single phase Thyristor unit up to 700A

Suitable to drive resistive loads with Zero Crossing firing and one phase transformer with Delayed Triggering Microprocessor based electronic circuit fully isolated from power.

Universal Input signal.

Universal Firing, customer configurable via serial port Zero Crossing, Single Cycle, Burst Firing, Delayed Triggering and Phase Angle.

Soft Start can be used with Burst Firing Heater Break circuit microprocessor based to diagnose load failure and short circuit on Thyristors is an option.

Possibility to read and write the parameters via an external Key pad: cd-kp

External fuse holder and fuses up to 110A, external fuses over 110A.

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