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Type TJ-C27 devices are full-vacuum chlorinators and are used in waterworks, cooling-water circuits and industrial processes. The devices consist of operational components to be maintained easily and stand out for their high reliability.

The measuring ranges with maximum values between 40 kg/h and 200 kg/h can be changed simply by replacing the measuring glass or the ejector if necessary. Thus it is always possible to optimally adapt the chlorinator to the configuration of the installation. The reading ratio is 1:20 with an error of +/-4 % of the maximum scale reading. The measuring glasses are 300 mm long.

Standard ejectors for through puts of up to 200 kg/h chlorine gas are available.

As the volume of chlorine  gas delivered  per hour from  chlorine tanks must not exceed 1 %, we recommend to use a chlorine evaporator if 40 kg/h or more are required.

The chlorinator can be mounted to the wall or is available in a hood cabinet for floor mounting.

The hood cabinet consists of an epoxy-coated steel frame covered with a removable plastic hood. The front plate      is made from black polypropylene and is fitted with pressure gauges for measuring the chlorine supply pressure, the chlorine suction pressure and the motive water pressure. The ejector is delivered separately. It should be installed close to the injection point.

Technical data

Version                                                                 Full Vaccum Chlorinators
Measuring ranges 40 - 60 - 100 - 200 kg/h Cl2
Reading Ratio 20:1
Accuracy  +/- 4 % of the maximum scale reading

Measuring devices                               





Flow meter, Vacuum regulator for suction pressure, Pressure gauge for chorine supply


Vacuum regulator for suction pressure Pressure gauge for chorine supply Pressure gauge for motive water




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