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Ultrasonic Generator

Modules are available from 50 Watts to 300 Watts. For higher capacities ultrasonic modules are in multiple of 300 Watts and in basic frequencies of 30/40 Khz


General: The generator has been developed to comply with the increasing demand for higher reliability during operation and better efficiency.




  • ·                     Generators are compact in nature
  • ·                     Protected against over current and overheating by using thermisters.
  • ·                     Surge protection device having fast response, good clamping and high surge absorption capacity, effective for both live and lightning surge.
  • ·                     Low eddy current losses and high resistivity of inductors and transformers in the circuit.
  • ·                     Separate oscillator eliminates damage to generator in case of failure of transducers.
  • ·                     Automatic tuning of the generator with the change in load, liquid level or temperature.
  • ·                     Modulated output and stabilised power supply for maximum efficiency.


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