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B&C Electronics, Italy : for Online Digital/ µP Analysers/ Controllers/ Two-wire Transmitters for pH/ ORP/ Conductivity/ DO/ Turbidity/ Free & Residual Chlorine/ Ammonia/ Nitrate/ Fluoride/ Chloride along with Assemblies & Sensors.

Fungilab, Spain : for Rotational Viscometers, Heldal Stand, Small Sample & Low Viscosity Adaptors, Data Boss Controlling Software, Spindles & Silicon Oil Standards, Thermostatic Bath, Thermosphere (equivalent to Thermosel), Falling Ball, Capillary & Flow Cup Viscometers

Toshcon CD Automation : for Single Phase/ Two Phase/ Three Phase Thyristors for Heater Control applications upto 2600 Amps.  and SSR’s

Consort, Belgium : for Laboratory µP Multi-parameter Instruments for pH/ mV/ Conductivity/ TDS/ Resistivity/ DO/ ION (Several Parameters in one Meter)

West/ Danaher Instruments : for PID Controllers/ Programmers/ Indicators/ Industrial PID Controllers & Programmers, Multi Loop Controllers & Paperless Recorder

Toshcon Jesco : for Dosing/ Metering Pumps & complete Automatic Dosing Control Systems.

Full Vacuum Chlorinators, Complete Turnkey Chlorination Systems & Related Accessories.

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