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Milestones and Achievement’s

  • 1966 Formation of M/s. TOSHNIWAL ELECTRODE MFG. COMPANY (TEMCO) &  manufacturing of pH Electrodes under collaboration from M/s. Moeller, Switzerland.
  • 1972 Formation of new M/s. TOSHNIWAL INSTRUMENTS  MFG. COMPANY (TIMCO) and production of Lab pH Meters.
  • 1972-78 Both units complete their product range and establish a good market share.
  • 1979-81 Formation of new Private Limited Companies M/s. TOSHNIWAL PROCESS INSTRUMENTS PVT.LTD. and M/s. TOSHNIWAL INSTRUMENTS MFG. PVT. LTD. and take over of business of TEMCO and TIMCO respectively.
  • 1984 Manufacturing of Ultrasonic Cleaners &Vapour Degreasing System under collaboration from M/s.KLN ULTRASCHALL, GERMANY.
  • 1985 Manufacturing of Dissolved Oxygen Meters & Electrodes under collaboration from M/s. WTW, GERMANY.
  • 1987 Marketing agency for  PID Controllers, Programmers, Multiloop Logic Controllers & other Process Control Instruments from M/s. WEST INSTRUMENTS LTD., UK.
  • 1988 Manufacturing of Microprocessor pH / Ion Analysers, Ion Selective Electrodes under collaboration from  M/s EDT INSTRUMENTS, UK.
  • 1989-90 Purchase & Shifting over to large Industrial Premises for further expansion and diversification.
  • 1991 Marketing agency for Dosing Pumps, Chlorinators, Dry Feeders and Instrumentation from M/s. JESCO DOSIERTECHNIK, GERMANY (now LUTZ JESCO, GERMANY since 2003).
  • 1992 Manufacturing Agreement of PID Controllers, Indicators, Thyristors under collaboration from M/s. WEST INSTRUMENTS LTD., UK.
  • 1993 Formation of Joint Venture Company M/s. TOSHCON JESCO (INDIA) PVT.LTD. & collaboration from M/s. JESCO DOSIERTECHNIK, GERMANY (now LUTZ JESCO, GERMANY since 2003).
  • 1997 Manufacturing of Thyristor Units under collaboration from M/s. CD AUTOMATION, ITALY.
  • 1997 Marketing Agency for BOD/ COD Analysers, Turbidity, Photometers & other Laboratory Analytical Instruments from M/s. AQUALYTIC, GERMANY.
  • 1998-03 Manufacturing of Digital Conductivity / TDS Meters, Digital / µP Flame Photometers, Automatic µP Karl Fischer Apparatus (Titrator), µP pH and Conductivity / TDS Meter under collaboration. 2006 Marketing  agency for Online pH/ ORP/ Conductivity/ Turbidity/ DO/ Chlorine Controllers/ Transmitters/ Sensors & their Assemblies from M/s B&C ELECTRONICS, ITALY.
  • 2007 Formation of new Company M/s. TOSHCON  INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., HARDWAR.
  • 2008 Marketing Agency for Rotational Viscometers from M/s. FUNGILAB, SPAIN.
  • 2010 Formation of New Joint Venture Company M/s. TOSHCON CD AUTOMATION (INDIA) PVT. LTD. with  M/s. CD AUTOMATION, ITALY for a complete range of 1/ 2/ 3 Phase Thyristor Power Controller and allied products.
  • 2011 Up-gradation of complete pH/ Redox Sensor product range for Laboratory and Industrial applications.
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