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Thermovisc Series


Thermovisc 100 and Thermovisc 200
Digitally controlled immersion Thermostats 

Common features

• The following parameters can be configured and shown on the LCD display:
Maximum and minimum temperature limits.
Select °C or °F
Display resolution 0.1 °C
External temperature (Probe).
Over temperature set limits for alarm.
Low liquid level indicator.
• Temperature probe Pt 100.
• Heating element made of stainless steel INCOLOY resistant to high temperatures
and corrosive environments.
• Circulation Pump with adjustable flow rate suitable for external temperature control
for Viscometers, polarimeters and refractometers, etc.
• Cooling coil to maintain ambient temperatures using tap water.
• External temperature control connection using a Pt 100 probe.
• RS-232 interface for computer control or printing data.
• External metal case coated in a corrosive resistant epoxy. All parts in contact with
liquid are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
• Maximum working volume to maintain temperature: 20 litres.
• A clamp and finger screw attach the unit to the tank, alternatively the extendible
support bridge accessory can be used.
• Minimum depth of the tank: 14cm

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