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CL 7685.010

Residual Chlorine - D.Ozone controller
for selective membraned sensors


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- drinking water

- water treatment

- bottling industry

- OEM 

• Input from selective membraned sensors:

- Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Combined Chlorine, D.Ozone

- Total Chlorine gas sensing method 

• Input from Pt100 3 wires 

• Ranges: 0/2 PPM - 0/20 PPM - 0/200 PPM autoranging

• Dual filter software

• Calibration mode: immediate or postponed 

• Calibration parameters display

• Dual set-point and alarm conditions display

• Temperature display

• Automatic or manual temperature compensation 

• Isolated output:

- 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA selectable

- PPM or °C programmable input on the span 

• Automatic, manual or simulated operation 

• Dual Set-point:

- Selectable actions


PFM pulse frequency modulation

PWM pulse width modulation

- hysteresis, delay, and min/max programmable functions 

• EEPROM parameters storage

• Automatic overload protection and reset

• Extractable terminal block

• 96x96 (1/4 DIN) housing 


CL 7901

Flow cell and sensor for Free Chlorine 

OZ 7901

Flow cell and sensor for D. Ozone 

Sensors available

For Combined Chlorine, Sulfite.

For Total Chlorine gas sensing method.

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