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Full Vacuum Chlorinator TJ-C7

The  TJ-C7  can  be  used  for  an  equal  withdrawal  of  chlorine  gas,  hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide. It fulfils the highest safety standards. Its diverse connections for gas containers and line systems, its drive side manometer and  residual  pressure  safety  device  make  it  versatile  in  its Application. A heated moisture eliminator on the drive side in the intake valve of the TJ-C7 is available as an option for its use with gas bottles. 

 Reliability thanks to high quality

The TJ-C7 is designed both for individual and also for parallel use of several vacuum controllers operated by batteries.


Technical data

Output with chlorine gas           25 g/hr up to 10 kg/hr (with flow limiter <1 kg/hr)
Intake pressure Max. 16 bar
Pressure connection Unoin nut BSW 1"
Vacuum Connection Hose clamp d 8/12
Inlet valve material Monel, Bradd & Hastelloy
Casings material PVC
Membrane material FPM
Manometer 1...15 ba
Empty status signal with Alternative to manometer the contact manometer
Dimensions (W x H x D) 108 x 218 x 169 mm
Weight approx. 2.3 kg


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